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Beaver 24/7: Digital Rodent Monitoring

About Beaver 24/7

Beaver 24/7 is a brand new digital remote monitoring service offered by Beaver Pest Control to detect rodents quickly and efficiently. Remote monitoring uses traps connected via a network to produce alerts of rodent activity on a particular site. Expert pest professionals cannot be replaced as rodents may avoid traps and other pest problems would remain undetected, However, the technology from automated monitoring systems is invaluable for providing an alert system that works all day, 365 days a year. Together, the result is a faster response to potential infestations.

Data provided by the monitors serve as an indication to areas of significant activity across your site. When paired with a live capture trap, technician response time can be reduced enabling swift and humane rodent control. Check out our case study for more information.

Our Service

  • Electronic control of traps available 24/7 online through the portal either via desktop or app
  • In addition to your regular technical visits, Beaver 24/7 will help you comply to your required auditing standards
  • Trend mapping of site to locate problems areas for more efficient and long-lasting solutions
  • Ability to detect false-positive catches to limit unnecessary callouts resulting in potential savings
  • Non-toxic digital trapping provides intergrated and sustainable pest control solutions

Contact us today to see if Beaver 24/7 can help you maintain a pest-free environment in your workplace! Digital remote monitoring is an innovative approach to pest control that lets us sort any ingress before it becomes an infestation.

Fox Control London

Using CCTV to support our techs!


CCTV has been around a long time, but there are always new ways to use the technology in different industries. At Beaver, we recently have invested in a monitoring camera to aid surveyors and the Wildlife Team. The camera is 100% wire-free and it operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks. It can be used both, in and outdoors allowing us to monitor sites 24/7.

The camera doesn’t require a power connection as it operates from a rechargeable battery that lasts for 2/3 weeks. It has also a Solar Panel connectivity option to support long term settings. The camera is controlled via mobile app with a live view option and it can be rotated in any direction offering 360˚ views. Once the motion sensor is triggered, a short video is captured and the user is notified via the mobile app.

The camera will allow our wildlife team work more efficiently eliminating unnecessary journeys. Plus, having a live view of the site will allow our team to attend and deal with trapped animals, whether target or non-target, without any delays. Over the past few weeks one of our Surveyors; Marius, with the help of one of our trained technicians; George H, have been testing it on number of fox jobs with a great success.

We also used it in a loft to detect active bird species following resident complaints. This is a great use of technology to support our teams.

Read more about our fox control and bird control systems.

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