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Domestic Fox control

keep your home safe from Foxes

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Fast and effective fox control for London & the South East

Foxes are only considered pests when they come into conflict with humans. They can cause damage, create fear and carry fleas which is why the urban fox has often been deemed a pest. In line with our integrated pest management strategy, we will always consider ways to prevent foxes from entering your land without harm first. We have a range of services developed to deter foxes from your home humanely.



Our helpful, friendly teams are here to help you at each step of your journey to a pest free home.

1. Dedicated Customer Service

We are always available for advice and offer 24/7 out of hours phone line for urgent requests.

2. Survey

One of our expert surveyors will attend the property to assess options for treatment and discuss with you how to proceed.

3. Treatment

One of our experienced RSPH Level 2 trained technicians will carry our treatment in line with our integrated pest management approach.

4. Recommendations

Our technicians will provide advice and recommendations to help you prevent any future infestations.

Specialist Services

Pest Protect

Protecting homeowners from pests through 24/7 monitoring traps.


Our specialist in-house proofing team are experts at locating fox ingress.


Our specialist habitat management team are able to give you advice and support in maintaining a pest-free home.

How do I know if I have a fox problem?

If you think you’ve spotted signs of a fox infestation, you’re in the right place. This quick guide to foxes will help you determine if it is in fact foxes you are dealing with.

Foxes are opportunistic feeders and will eat insects, worms, fruit and small mammals as well as scraps and rubbish left by people. Primarily active at dusk and during the night, they will often cause a mess foraging for food through bins. They are primarily solitary but have been known to create a pack. Vixens (female foxes) can birth 4-7 cubs at a time. Gestation is around 53 days and young are weaned at 7-9 weeks but unable to procreate until they reach a year.

At Beaver we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This is a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in a way that minimises economic, health, and environmental risks.

We follow the following 4 steps:

  • Inspection – In line with the CRRU guidance, ensuring a thorough survey is carried out is essential. This will be a full environmental assessment identifying: pest infestations, access points, sources of food, water & harbourage, proofing options, and any external factors which could result in pest infestations i.e overgrown vegetation.
  • Exclusion – Proofing is carried out where possible by our technicians, any larger proofing jobs need will be identified and explained to the customer. Proofing is the best defence against fox ingress.
  • Restriction – Restricting the sources of food, water and harbourage will make your home less appealing for pests and can be an effective way to prevent re-infestation.
  • Communicate – Communication is perhaps one of the most important parts of the process as a whole. At every stage of this process, our technicians will be communicating their actions and importantly the reasons for their actions for you. Explaining the importance of exclusion and restriction will in the long term benefit you as you will reduce the risk of repeated infestations. It is very important that the recommendations the technicians provide are followed to support you in having a pest-free home.

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