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February 2022

Rat in drain

Drain surveys – drain company or pest control company?

Scenario – You have an on-going rat problem and your pest controller has advised you to carry out a drain survey. Your existing pest control company does not have the ability to carry out a drain survey.

Should you commission a drain survey company or another pest control company? Does it matter? They are all drain surveys, right?

Well yes and no.

What is a drain survey?

A drain survey should include a comprehensive inspection of your drainage system. The purpose of the drain survey is to identify any damage to the drains which could allow rodents access into your building. Common signs are when rodents are seen or damage is identified in toilets or bathrooms.

Recent studies in Denmark found that 90% of rat activity came from the sewage systems.

Following the drain survey, you should expect to receive a full written report with pictures showing the state of the drainage system. Some of these reports can be very technical and quite incomprehensible to the layperson. It is important that reports are clear and pinpoint any issues. It is also important that the remedial issues are identified and costed. Drain repairs can be very costly so it’s important that the correct issues are identified within the report.

Pest control company or drain company?

It’s true to say that both the drain company and the pest control company will use similar equipment to survey the drainage system. These include sonde’s which map the drainage system and any redundant inlets. They will both use drain cameras and will probably also use dye testing if required.

However, the pest control company will better understand the behaviour of rats and the likely points of ingress. This knowledge is key to making sure the correct areas of concern in the drainage system are identified and fixed. Missing them can be very costly.

We would recommend that you ask the following questions before commissioning a drain survey:

  1. Can I see an example report?
  2. How long will the survey take?
  3. How are your engineers trained to identify rodent activity?

If you would like further advice on drain surveys, please contact 0208 355 3443 and speak to one of our friendly customer service team.

charity walk saharan desert

84km Charity WALK

Director Julia Pittman and her daughter Natasha Kulinski walked back to back Marathons through the Moroccan wilderness ending in the Sahara desert to raise money for SEED. We raised £2150! 

The Charity

I (Julia) met Gemma Oaten (Ex Emmerdale actress) at a networking event organised by the Wandsworth Chamber.

Gemma told us the story of how she navigated mental health services as a child and how her family struggled. As a result of their experience Gemma and her family set up SEED.

SEED is a small charity with big ambitions. They have created a toolkit for schools to help support and educate teaching staff.

The tool kit is currently to be used in Key Stage 3 & 4 and there are plans to develop this further into a tool kit for primary schools.

The tool kit comes with lesson plans, work sheets and videos. But of course all this takes money to develop. The money we raise will help this very important piece of work.

Why I wanted to do this?

I have always tried to do an annual charity event. I feel it’s important to give back where you can. As a family we used to donate our time to Rock Corps; Give, Get Given which was a brilliant initiative.

Recently though I have become disillusioned with large charities and had decided to stop. Personally I have to really believe in what I am doing to be able to ask people to part with their hard earned cash.

That changed when I met Gemma and listened to her story. As a mother and grandmother of children with mental health challenges I know first-hand how difficult life can be.  Sometimes life is really hard and having a focus on something other than work and mental health is really important.

Hence this walk !

Our work family at Beaver have been truly supportive of this endeavour and will be cheering us on from the Wandsworth Business Awards which coincidentally falls right in the middle of our walk. As a company Beaver values corporate social responsibility and encourages employees to give back to their communities.


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