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Experts in dealing with rat activity in drainage systems


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Combined Drainage and Pest Control Surveys

90% of rat infestations are linked to drain issues. Our drain surveys differ from your standard drainage service as we are trained pest controllers and can identify issues before they escalate into a larger problem. We use specialist drainage tools to create a map of your drainage systems. We will provide you with a report showing any drainage defects as well as any rat ingress points.

Our team are your one-stop shop, we can deal with the rat problems in your drains and your property at the same time ensuring the most effective solutions.



CCTV Drain Surveys

Our expert drainage team carry out cctv drain surveys to identify rodent ingress and and drain faults.


Jetting & Unblocking

Need a drain unblocking? Our drain jetting team are on hand to quickly and effectively remove blockages.


Proofing & Repairs

Our drainage teams can carry out repairs and install valves for long-lasting drainage protection so you can have peace of mind.

Do I need a Drain Survey?

Signs you have a rat problem in your drains

If you have a rat infestation but haven’t worked out how they are getting in, chances are it is from the drains. Cracks and uncapped drainage systems allow rats easy access into your home. Once there they will find a warm place to nest and will continue to return to your home unless the drain issue is fixed.

Our team are experienced in locating ingress points with a cctv drain inspection for rats and our in-house proofing team can prevent these entry points from being used in future.

State of the art tools

This is top of the range equipment and the same used by Thames Water for drains. It enables us to see drain internals with absolute clarity thereby enabling our surveyors to find the subtle defects that others miss and which ultimately allow rats to emerge.


Our Features and Benefits

Dedicated Corporate Customer Services

Our customer service team will arrange for a surveyor to visit your property for an initial assessment at a convenient date.

State of the Art Tools

We use top range cameras for our surveys that are also used by Thames Water to see inside the drains with absolute clarity ensuring a thorough survey.

Highly trained technicians

On completion of the survey you will be provided with a detailed electronic report with all findings of any defects and a drainage site plan.

Environmentally Friendly

Our dye testing is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Our drain surveys are designed with customers in mind to ensure you are supported throughout the process


What is a CCTV drain inspection, and how does it benefit me?

A CCTV drain inspection involves using advanced cameras to assess the condition of your drains. This service is crucial for identifying issues such as blocked drains, collapsed drains, and drainage problems. By opting for CCTV drain surveys, you gain peace of mind through a comprehensive understanding of your drainage system.

Why should I choose Beaver Pest Control for CCTV drain surveys in London?

Beaver Pest Control offers expert CCTV drain survey services in London. Our skilled drain surveyors use state-of-the-art CCTV cameras to conduct thorough inspections. Whether you need a drain survey for homebuyer purposes or suspect drain issues, we provide reliable services with detailed written reports.

What are the common signs of drainage problems in London homes?

Signs of drainage problems may include blocked drains, unpleasant odours, slow drainage, or gurgling sounds. If you encounter any of these issues, consider scheduling a CCTV drainage survey to identify and address the root cause.

Can CCTV drain surveys help with drain repairs?

Yes, CCTV drain surveys are instrumental in identifying issues like collapsed drains, allowing for targeted and efficient drain repairs. Our services encompass a range of solutions to address various drainage problems efficiently.

What is a homebuyer survey, and why is a drain survey essential in this context?

A homebuyer survey involves assessing the overall condition of a property. Including a CCTV drain survey in London as part of this process ensures a comprehensive examination of the drainage system, providing potential buyers with crucial information and avoiding future surprises.

How quickly can you respond to a blocked drain emergency?

Beaver Pest Control understands the urgency of a blocked drain situation. We strive to provide a prompt response, offering timely solutions to address and resolve any blocked drain emergencies you may encounter.

Do you offer nationwide CCTV drain survey services for commercial customers?

While our base is in London, Beaver Pest Control extends its CCTV drain survey services to commercial customers nationwide, ensuring that businesses across the country benefit from our expertise.

Drain Surveys Brochure

Find out about how our expert team carry out drain surveys and province in-depth reporting to support you becoming rodent free.