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Beaver 24/7 is an innovative remote monitoring solution for fast and accurate detection of rodents. Remote monitoring uses traps connected through a network to generate alerts for rodent activity in the area they are set up in. Expert pest professionals are irreplaceable, however technology using continuous digital monitoring are pro-active.

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Case Study

Beaver 24/7

Find out how the Beaver 24/7 system was used to effectively identify rodent ingress in a bakery and get on top of the problem.

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Rodent Control

Find out what other services we have available to deal with rodents.

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Benefits of Beaver 24/7

Is this system right for me?

Beaver 24/7 is a versatile system and has been used successfully in a variety of market sectors to pro-actively get control of pest infestations and maintain a well-rounded view of pest management on site.

Pro-active Rodent Control

In addition to your regular technical visits, Beaver 24/7 will help you pro-actively manage and reduce pest activity.

Trend Mapping

Trend mapping of the building helps locate problem areas for more efficient and long lasting solutions.

Reduce Call-Outs

The systems ability to detect false-positive catches to limit unnecessary call-outs resulting in potential savings.

Reduce Risks

Beaver 24/7 has successfully been used in hard to reach & confined spaces to reduce costs and health & safety risks.

Beaver 24/7 BROCHURE

Find out about the Beaver 24/7 remote monitoring system.

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