Fox Control London

Using CCTV to support our techs!


CCTV has been around a long time, but there are always new ways to use the technology in different industries. At Beaver, we recently have invested in a monitoring camera to aid surveyors and the Wildlife Team. The camera is 100% wire-free and it operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks. It can be used both, in and outdoors allowing us to monitor sites 24/7.

The camera doesn’t require a power connection as it operates from a rechargeable battery that lasts for 2/3 weeks. It has also a Solar Panel connectivity option to support long term settings. The camera is controlled via mobile app with a live view option and it can be rotated in any direction offering 360˚ views. Once the motion sensor is triggered, a short video is captured and the user is notified via the mobile app.

The camera will allow our wildlife team work more efficiently eliminating unnecessary journeys. Plus, having a live view of the site will allow our team to attend and deal with trapped animals, whether target or non-target, without any delays. Over the past few weeks one of our Surveyors; Marius, with the help of one of our trained technicians; George H, have been testing it on number of fox jobs with a great success.

We also used it in a loft to detect active bird species following resident complaints. This is a great use of technology to support our teams.

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