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Clothes Moths – Spotted damage to your carpets, furniture or clothing ?

You could have textile pests, Clothes Moths or Carpet Beetle. The most common textile pests are either the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella) or Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci.)

Common Clothes Moth

Common Cothes Moths are a silvery/golden looking moth about 5-6 mm long. Female Clothes Moths tend not to fly and are normally be found in dark corners looking for sites to lay eggs. The eggs hatch into larvae which is the life cycle stage which causes damage to your carpets, furniture or clothing. The larvae grow to about 8mm long and will happily eat anything that contains natural fibres. The larval stage can take a couple of months to a few months depending on the amount of natural fibre available and how warm the temperature is.
If you see a clothes moth on the wall it is likely to be a male as the females normally run or hop along the floors. It also means that you could already have a larval infestation taking place so check carpets, furniture or clothing for signs of damage. Typical damage will show as holes in clothing or carpets looking threadbare in areas.

Varied Carpet Beetle

As with the Common Clothes Moth it is the larvae of the Varied Carpet Beetle which cause the most damage. Adults are generally seen in April, May & June looking for nesting sites. In October the larvae is normally at its most destructive phase so this is the time to look out for holes in carpets, furniture and clothing.
Carpet Beetle larvae love natural fibres so any carpets, furniture or clothing with a high wool content will be at risk. They will also eat fur, hair and feathers.
The larvae is small, about 4mm, covered with brown hairs and will roll up when disturbed. They do not bite but the hairs can cause a rash in some people.
Hoover thoroughly all furniture, carpets, cupboards which contain natural fibres especially in corners and behind furniture.

If you have noticed clothes moths damage, our expert team can deal with textile pests professionally. Call Beaver Pest Control 0208 355 3443.