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Revolutionising Drain Services: A Journey of Innovation and Excellence by Beaver Pest Control

Revolutionising Drain Services: A Journey of Innovation and Excellence by Beaver Pest Control

In a remarkable turn of events, Beaver Pest Control emerged victorious at the inaugural NADC National Drain Awards evening. Shortlisted for Innovation and Specialist Service, the company’s Director, David Lodge, shares the journey and success that led to this prestigious recognition.

A Comprehensive Approach to Drain Services

Beaver Pest Control, traditionally known for pest control, has recently expanded its services to become a one-stop solution for all drain-related concerns. We estimate that 80-90% of call-outs involve rats originating from drains. Stepping across into the drainage industry was a natural path.

We use high-power jet washing to clean drains, followed by a thorough CCTV check. The result is a detailed viewline report, transparently outlining ingress points and defects in the drainage system.

Our commitment to solving drain issues extends beyond eradicating rats. Through methods like capping, local repair works, patching, or lining, we aim to eliminate not only pests but also associated problems such as drain fly issues and unpleasant odours. While one-way valves are sparingly used, we offer maintenance contracts for their use.

Leading the Industry with Innovation

In addition to its recent award, Beaver Pest Control has actively contributed to industry standards. We collaborated with the BPCA, Davy Brown, and the NADC to create the BPCA Code of Best Practice for Drain Surveys. This comprehensive reference document showcases Beaver’s dedication to excellence in the industry.

The journey to offering this complete drain service was not without challenges. The company invested significantly in training and state-of-the-art equipment. Without doubt, the initial expense has helped our Drain Team to propel the division’s growth.

Shaping the Future of Drain and Pest Industries

Looking ahead, Beaver Pest Control has set ambitious goals. The company aims to secure the coveted NADC Drain Safe accreditation while fostering a closer relationship between the drain and pest control industries. Following this success, we envision further collaboration to enhance both sectors.

Influence on the Drain and Pest Industry

Reflecting on their impact, we have identified key contributions to the industry:

  1. Comprehensive Solutions: The company has pioneered an umbrella solution to a prevalent customer frustration—rat infestations.
  2. Resourceful Specialisation: Beaver demonstrates that specialisation and innovation don’t always require extensive resources. Through education, dedication, hard work, and a strong vision, the company has proven that smaller entities can lead in their fields.
  3. Industry Leadership: Beaver’s specialisation has extended beyond its company and customers, influencing the wider sector. Contributions include the development of codes of best practice for CCTV drain surveys, solidifying their commitment to industry excellence.

In conclusion, Beaver Pest Control’s journey from a newcomer to an award-winning force in the drain and pest control industry showcases the power of innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. As the company looks to the future, its influence on industry practices is set to endure and evolve.

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