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Innovative Remote bed bug alert system

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Are you proactive with bed bug monitoring? Do you want to know about bedbugs before your customers do? Spotta™ is a technology solution that continuously monitors and identifies insects in real time to provide alerts that allow timely intervention and treatment, limiting the damage to reputation.

For hotels, hostels, care homes, sheltered housing and other lodging providers, most of the financial impact of bed bugs comes from guest-pest contact, which leads to complaints, bad reviews and loss of revenue. The primary aim of any monitoring solution is to detect bed bugs before a guest does, giving you peace of mind and protecting your brand. 94% of bedbug infestations were spotted by Spotta™ before the person was bitten.


How Spotta™ Works

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Benefits of SPOTTA™

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The bed pod can be placed out of sight of guests providing discreet protection for your property.

Effective & Reliable

94% of bed bugs are alerted to the trap before a person is bitten and the bed pod units have 99% uptime.

Early Warning

Treating bed bugs before they spread can save you time, money and loss of reputation. Minimum of 20 rooms.


Bed Pods report detections through the Spotta™ online console. Any detections can be reported on the console to show trends.

Dealing with bed bugs in hotels


This webinar does a deep dive into the world of bed bug control in hotels. Explaining the SPOTTA™ system and show how it can transform your hotel’s pest management strategy. Here’s what you can expect:

– Learn about bed bug biology and management from the experts
– Discover the Science Behind SPOTTA™: How it Works
– Expert Insights: Hear from Our Pest Control Pros
– Q&A Session: Get Your Burning Questions Answered


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