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keeping rodents out of your building

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rodent proofing

Our specialist team of in-house technicians are trained in innovative proofing techniques. Our service is designed to use our expert pest knowledge to get into the difficult to reach to places that allow entry to rodents. Our proofing service is humane, sustainable and successful saving your business’ money and reputation.

All of our technicians are both pest experts and trained in proofing techniques. We can safely move appliances and get behind cabinets to reach hidden entry points, seal with rodent-resistant materials, install door strips, and close openings around utility and plumbing lines, such as water pipes, electrical cables, air conditioning units, and drain pipes and vents.

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Rodent Proofing

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Find out more about rats and understand how we use the biology of pests to improve controls.

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Our Proofing Services

Benefits of Rodent Proofing

Why use professional proofing?

Our specialist proofing team are trained pest controllers as well as experienced in a range of proofing materials. 

Expert Knowledge

Our team are all RSPH Level 2 qualified pest controllers who use their knowledge to proof effectively.

Range of products

Our wide range of innovative and effective solutions will ensure even the most complex areas can be proofed.

Reduce Call-Outs

Carrying out proofing will ultimately reduce call-outs due to reduced pest ingress and save you money.

Reduce Risks

Proofing is an essential defence against rodent ingress protecting you from diseases carried by rodents.

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