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Revolutionary bird scaring system

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Gullstop is an intelligent scaring system which birds find difficult to overcome. The device’s advanced microphone system listens for bird noises and when detected, activates the correct scare tools. As this system only activates when needed it avoids habituation ensuring the system works long term.

Gullstop works within a 250m radius and can be set up with either mains or solar power to provide options for easy installation. Gullstop was developed to detect and scare Geese, Rooks, Gulls and Starlings but since implementation, the system has also shown to be effective against other bird species such as Crows and Jackdaws.

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Gullstop in action

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Benefits of Gullstop

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Large Coverage

Gullstop works within a 250m radius and can be set up with either mains or solar power to provide options for easy installation.

Realtime Connection

Gullstop is connected via the IoT (Internet of Things) network so we can monitor and connect to the system remotely 24/7 365.

Multiple Species

Gullstop is effective against Gulls, Geese, Starlings and Rooks. It has also show efficacy against Crows and Jackdaws.

Multiple Scaring Techniques

The system has 5 addons to suit your needs: speakers, gas cannons, remote launch kite, eagle eye and scareman.


Find out about the Gullstop bird deterrent system.

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