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UV LED fly control systems

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Effective Fly Control

Flying insects are known to carry millions of disease causing organisms and have been implicated as carriers of Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli! We have a range of Electronic Fly Killers to suit your needs. Choosing the right fly killer for your premises is important to ensure full control, our surveyors are experienced in supporting you make the right decision for your business.

Chameleon Qualis Beaver Pest Control
Chameleon Qualis

The unique Chameleon Qualis fly control system incorporates the latest UV LED tube technology Quantum X, to deliver a whole new level of fly control. 

Chameleon Sirius Beaver Pest Control
Chameleon Sirius

The Chameleon® Sirius is a sophisticated unit designed for front-of-house use. With its clean curves, a choice of finish and dual wall mounting options, it fits seamlessly into any restaurant, café or hotel. 

Chameleon Discretion Beaver Pest Control
Chameleon 1×2

1×2 – Attractive, slim, wall-mounted (free standing bracket available), compact and unobtrusive, this unit is ideal for use in food preparation areas. 

Titan 300 Beaver Pest Control
Titan 300

With a wrap-around chrome guard giving 360º protection, this all-metal unit offers features and performance far beyond its price. It is ideal for larger kitchens, shops, cafés and all commercial uses. 

Sunburst Naturale Beaver Pest Control
Sunburst Naturale

.Designed for front-of-house areas where fly control should be hidden from view. Discreet, stylish and environmentally responsible, the Sunburst is ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail shops. 

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