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Electric bird detterent system

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AVISHOCK™ Bird control

 Avishock™ is a state-of-the-art electric bird deterrent system that provides a professional bird management option for urban birds, such as pigeons. The system is designed to prevent birds from roosting, nesting or perching on ledges by producing a low voltage electric pulse that deters the bird away from the building. As the electric current is very low, Avishock™ has been proven to cause no harm to the bird, acting similarly to electric fences that are used to manage farm livestock. In addition, Avishock™ also alters the behavior of birds. Tests have shown that the bird deterrents teach birds to avoid the protected surface in the future, thus presenting a psychological barrier. 

Benefits of Avishock™

Is this system right for me?

The system consists of 6mm high PVC strips which are 15mm apart with a single low current pulse every 1.3 seconds produced from a 240V charger. This is particularly effective for areas which require low visibility, as the strips are unobtrusive unlike other forms of bird deterrents such as spikes or netting. Furthermore, the strips are flexible which are especially useful in protecting awkwardly-shaped signs, parapets, edges, ledges, roof ridges and pipework.

Trained Technicians

Our team have undergone specialised training in Avishock™ to ensure that our technicians can meet your unique requirements

Low Profile

Avishock™ is one of the most low-profile forms of bird deterrent, providing an aesthetically integrated form of bird control

Cost Effective

High-quality system is designed to provide a reliable long-life service that requires minimal maintenance resulting in savings

Integrated Bird Control

Can be used alongside other forms of traditional bird management systems to create a unique plan that works for you


Find out about the Avishock bird deterrent system.

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