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Pest control services in East London



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Quick Response & Effective Pest Control

Beaver Pest Control in East London has been covering East London pest control since 1990 and we now employ over 40 pest management staff in the Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham areas.

Specialist Services

Drain Survey

90% of rat infestions are linked to drain damage. Our team can help identify and repair defects.

Pest Protect

Protecting homeowners from pests through 24/7 monitoring traps.


Our specialist in-house proofing team are experts at locating rat ingress and preventing re-entry.



We offer a wide range of services for clients for Pest Control in East London and Essex including the William Morris Gallery for the London Borough of Waltham Forest in E12, various properties for Regency Estate Management, Rydon or Equipe Regeneration Camden, HBH Foods Enfield, Wannis Cash and Carry Leyton, various Lituanica Retail Stores including Becton, Five Points Brewery Dalston, Wapping High School, Ibis Hotel Leyton, Woodford Baptist Homes Wanstead, Nisa Bow, Porgy Management Barking, Gandhi Oriental Foods Poplar, Mother Advertising and Hollandia UK Ltd in the Docklands.

Our pest control in East London services many customers in the food, drink and hospitality industries and many other private or public sector pest control customers throughout East London.We are full members of the British Pest Control Association and have many accreditations including ISO9001. Our aim is to offer a high quality service by giving our technicians the best training in the industry and motivate them by awarding quality bonuses.

Graham, the founder of Beaver Pest Control initially worked for a national pest control company for over ten years from 1979. This included four years based in Stratford E15 and he managed all of the Bird work and pigeon proofing in East London and North London.

Graham started Beaver House Pest Control Services in 1990 working from his home in Streatham in Lambeth and was joined by his brother David Lodge two years later. David worked in Social Services in West London so pest control training was needed. Within another year the pest control office moved to Graham’s new house in Tooting and Graham and David took on their first employee.

We expanded our pest control in East London and and South West London into North London and East London and Essex. Gradually we increased our technicians based in East London. In 1999 Graham and David became equal Directors and the business became incorporated as Beaver House Services Ltd. In 2004 we moved into offices in the borough of Wandsworth and then we expanded into larger offices in 2007 where we decided to simplify our name to Beaver Pest Control. We invited Rafal Brymer to become a Director in 2013 and Julia Pittman in 2014.

Our pest control in East London covers most pests including wasps, mice, rats, bed bugs, pigeons, clothes moths, ants, cockroaches, stored product insects, squirrels plus many more. From our humble beginnings we are now as active in East London as anywhere else and can even operate on a national scale via our network of excellent BPCA partners.


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