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Brown Tail Moth control

keep your bushes safe from brown tail moths

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Fast and effective brown tail moth control for London & the South East

Brown Tail moths as adults are white with brown hairs on the end of their abdomens. They are native to Britain and are typically most active during the months of July and August where they can lay batches of 150-200 eggs on suitable foliage. The caterpillars hatch after 3 weeks and begin webbing among the foliage. Little damage may occur at this time as the majority of winter is spent nesting. In April, the caterpillars will once again begin feeding, this is the time the majority of webbing and damage is done. The hair on the caterpillars are urticating (have an irritant effect) and can cause breathing difficulties and irritation if they come into contact with skin. If you suspect you have Brown Tail moth infestations they should be dealt with by a professional company as specialist training is needed when dealing with them.



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How do I know if I have a Brown Tail Moth problem?

If you think you’ve spotted signs of a brown tail moth infestation, you’re in the right place. This quick guide to brown tail moths will help you determine if it is in fact brown tail moths you are dealing with.