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Bird netting is one of the most effective methods of protection. Bird netting protects many different areas where birds may be present and active. Bird nets provide a physical barrier that birds are unable to overcome. Bird nets are made from the highest quality plastic for high tear resistance and years of durability. 

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Bird Control

We provide a range of innovative bird control solutions for businesses and homes across London and the South East. 

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is bird netting right for me?

We provide bird netting to a variety of buildings. It is one of the most versatile and long-lasting bird-proofing systems available.

The principle of the netting system is that a steel wire known as a wire rope is fitted around the perimeter of the area where the net is to be installed. The wire is attached at the corners to net bolts using special crimps; the tension is applied through barrel strainers. Intermediate fixings are installed at regular intervals to keep the wire close to the structure. UV stabilised net is then attached to the wire with hog rings.

Nets are available in a range of mesh sizes to proof against different bird species, and different colours to minimise visibility in sensitive locations.

We offer two types of nets, a traditional knotted 12/6 polyethylene net or high tenacity knotless polypropylene net, much lighter yet stronger. Both nets are UV stabilised and are likely to resist UV degradation and withstand a range of environmental conditions to give a working life of 10 years or more if correctly installed and maintained.

Regular maintenance will also ensure that the proofing system is in good order and greatly extend its lifespan.

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