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What can be done about bees?

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Why we don't treat bees

Bees do not cause harm to people if left alone. There are over 200 types of bees in the UK, including 25 types of bumblebee. However many of these species are not considered 'endangered'. Bees are great pollinators and crucial for the environment. One of our Directors, David Lodge, is a keen beekeeper and also sits on the BPCA special interest group panel 'Bee-Wise' which aims to educate the general public about the importance of bees and the correct way to manage them.

People often say they are allergic and we all do react to stings but rarely are the stings dangerous . If a person does react badly to stings anti histamine cream and tablets can be effective and an EpiPen or similar could be carried if a person is allergic to stings, a doctor can give full advice regarding this. Occasionally stings can be harmful, this NHS link explains the risk. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/insect-bites-and-stings/

Ideally no as they are an endangered species. Further insecticidal restrictions in force for killing bees means treating them is even less of an option. However the British Beekeepers Association can provide advice and help removing them, especially swarms. If the bees are situated in the building there may be significant costs if they need removing, in which case we can offer advice on who to go to. Beaver may also be able to offer help removing swarms in the Surrey area at a charge of £150 + VAT – bee keepers may offer this service for free.

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